Savory Links

Sure we’ve all imagined taking a trip back into a period of time that has interested us, but this couple took their love of the Victorian Era to a whole new level with some unexpected results. Read about their fascinating story and life living in the modern world with antiquated sensibilities. Sarah’s attitude towards wearing the … More Savory Links

Spiral Out – Colossal Desert Art from Across the World

Today’s morning coffee ritual findings bring us to something that I hope, like most good works of art, will expand our minds, let alone appeal to our senses. That’s precisely what this piece of environmental work proposed to do. The massive earthwork called Desert Breath was originally created in 1995-7 in El Gouna Egypt, near … More Spiral Out – Colossal Desert Art from Across the World

“Scientism in the Arts and Humanities”

The following article by Roger Scruton from The New Atlantis is a relevant read for anyone involved in teaching in the humanities, especially art history. “As the universities expanded in the twentieth century, and as the hard sciences began to retreat to the margins of an educational system increasingly reluctant to demand too much of … More “Scientism in the Arts and Humanities”